An Arizona photographer based in the ‘burbs.

It was once a creative outlet while I sat in a cubicle.
A part-time hobby.
A distant dream.

P h o t o g r a p h y.

My infant nieces were my involuntary props (who are now full-grown toddler monsters).
Then my cat made his debut.
Finally, real people.

We were in the mountains as the bride debuted her gown + danced in the pecan trees as grandmas kissed their grandchildren’s cheeks.
We were welcomed in homes for one-year-old birthday parties + pranced downtown together while displaying the latest style of suburban bloggers.

There were smiles, laughter, music, dancing, and YOU.

It’s a privilege to watch couples laugh together during their anniversary shoot, a little one holding up her hands proudly as she displays her birthday dress, or snapping - just at the right moment - a newborn mid-yawn.

Those are the moments you miss when looking down at your phone.
Let us break the molds + live in the moment while I capture it all for you.

See examples of my work here, the stories behind the sessions here, and my other thoughts + musings here.