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  • What is in my foundation that I put on my face every single day?

  • Is antiperspirant really linked to breast cancer?

  • Who decided to put pesticide chemicals in cleaners we disinfect our homes with?

  • Why are brands suddenly labeling their products with sulfate and paraben free stamps?

These were questions that started reeling around in my noggin.

What started as a self-indulged research project quickly transformed into my desire to share what I learned with the world. No matter how big or small my world was, I was sure that this information I found would impact SOMEONE.

My biggest question: Why were these health risks in everyday products not more widely known?

I’m here to show you that you do not need a nutritional degree or medical background to realize some of the ingredients we are putting on and in our bodies cause harmful side effects. I’m talking hormone disruption, adrenal fatigue, and mood swings. All you need is a curious mind, some sharpened research skills, and good vibes to learn this information on your own.

Luckily, I got your back.

I have a background in both paralegal studies and public administration which are heavily research-based fields. I may not have gone to medical school, but I do know the difference between legitimate sources and #fakenews.

I assure you that each article I present is based on scientific research and compounded from sources such as governmentally regulated websites, nutritional experts, and medical journals. Toward the base of each post you see I will have listed the resources I collected my data from. Just in case you want to refer back to where I retrieved my information and do additional research on your own.

Good vibes only,

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