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I am an Arizona photographer in the midst of chasing simplicity + sunlight.

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H for Human Hobbyist

H for Human Hobbyist

People will put you in all sorts of boxes. I think it is our way, as humans, of innately sorting – whether it be beneficial to ourselves to catalog the chaos in our minds or negative labeling in your eyes. You choose.

Either way, whatever you may deem yourself to be, someone will have their opinions of you too – good or bad.  For example, I like to consider myself a photographer but someone may call me a FAUXtographer – an amateur, a wannabe. I know I am still learning. We are all learning.  I think I have a flowing way with words but others may think I am a mess of a writer and I should just go back to sitting in my corporate cubicle and keeping my thoughts and grammar mishaps to myself. 
On the other hand, you may not consider yourself a professional at cooking but, in your spare time, you create decadent French meals for your loved ones only for them to say, “why are you a receptionist when you could be a chef! You are the chef of the family!”
To whom do we give the power to when finding ourselves? Is it what others call us? Or what we call us? 
As much as we have the right to dictate on who we want to be, people also have the right to name us what they see fit. Yet it is up to US to filter through their audacious opinions. Humans are in love with their opinions – let them have theirs, just as you have yours. 
You cannot control their action, you can only control your reaction.
But never fall under the false pretense that you must adhere to their thoughts in order to become what YOU are. Never believe in the fantasy that you can only create if someone allows you to. That nonsense kills more dreams than anything else does in the world. 

Publish that short story and call yourself a writer
Illustrate that children’s book and call yourself an artist
Build that doghouse and call yourself a carpenter
Tend to that herb garden and call yourself a gardener
Teach yourself guitar and call yourself a musician (and a teacher!)

You are so amazing. Please do not let anyone tell you otherwise. 
They do not know you like you know you. 

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