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K for Klutzy Kitten

K for Klutzy Kitten

Live like you are on a mission to capture the red dot.

First the red dot.

Then the world.



We got a kitten. A sweet little boy kitten rescued on the campus of Arizona State University.

My husband named him The Leviathan.

Levi for short.

We have always been cat people. I remember dressing up my parents’ cats by wrapping them in my training bra and tying shirts around their torsos at the mature age of 12 years old. Then they would slowly collapse, lay on the carpet reluctantly, and plead with me with their eyes to release them from this torture. Pooky and Gizmo were champs. Now they are old crotchety men who would rather not remember the times their owner dressed them up as her children for comedic pleasure.

That’s where Levi comes in. He is my little lord that will absolutely participate in involuntary costume dressing – he just doesn’t know it yet.

Levi is the definition of klutzy and cuddly. Seriously, he will attack my husband’s foot on the couch then 2 seconds later flip over by reenacting a Mission Impossible scene and land on his little noggin. He’s special, that one.  Then he’ll realize he just needs to be wooed to sleep and he will cuddle up in my neck and purr and make cookies (or “kneading” as normal people would say).

Enjoy this collage of cuteness before he grows up and becomes aware and embarrassed by his mom always taking pictures of him. #CatMom



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