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Ever wonder what those confusing ingredients in the back of your bottle of foundation or laundry detergent mean? Me too. And I’m writing it all down here to share with you.

How To Begin a Non-Toxic New Year: The Deo For Your B.O.

How To Begin a Non-Toxic New Year: The Deo For Your B.O.

Like I mentioned in my previous love letter to you, switching all of your products or non-organic food is not going to happen overnight neither for you or me. It is about simple steps, slowly. One step at a time. Cleaning up your skincare can do wonders for balancing hormones and detoxification in your body almost immediately. Our skin is our largest organ and takes the brunt of absorption. The Center for Disease Control and Definition (CDC) discusses the many tasks our skin has from keeping us cool to water preservation. The article also informs us of how chemicals are absorbed into the skin (very easily by the way).

That is why your skincare - before household cleaning products - is where I encourage you to start. You may be inspired to go and dump out your makeup bag right away and if you’re that type of person and have the funds to replace it - go for it! I’m not a cut-cold-turkey kind of individual. I need time to adjust. One of my suggestions is when you see a skincare or makeup product that you are running out of, that is when you purchase a safer, non-toxic alternative.

The first item I chose to switch was deodorant.

Deodorant? Really? YES. It’s right up in there getting cozy with your lymph nodes and those things should not be messed with. That lovely smelling Secret antiperspirant you’ve been wearing since middle school needs to go. Along with most drugstore deodorants, it is full of aluminum, parabens, and phthalates. I don’t want aluminum near my girls and neither should you. Aluminum has absolutely been linked to breast cancer. These aluminum-based antiperspirants are considered temporary “plugs” where the sweat ducts stop the flow of your body’s natural way of detoxing. YOU ARE LITERALLY KEEPING THE TOXINS IN YOUR BODY. You are supposed to sweat. That is your body’s natural cooling system. #FreeTheUnderArmSweat

Here are some good-for-you ingredients found in natural deodorants:

  • Baking soda - raises pH of skin - prevents bacteria from growing

  • Magnesium - minimizes odor

  • Activated charcoal - draws out impurities that cause odor and other toxins from your skin

  • Essential oils - they help you smell good and our naturally antibacterial #win

Note for baking soda: As much as it is helpful to control odor, baking soda can be known to cause a rash or skin sensitivities. From my research so far, it seems this appears more often in people with sensitive skin due to their skin detoxing from their former deodorant and the baking soda’s reaction.

Something you should know before making the switch: Like I mentioned above, you will go through a slight detox phase and that is that you will feel as if you will sweat a bit more. That is only because your body is adjusting to this new product. You have actually freed those clogged armpits and are releasing the toxins from your old antiperspirant (that is a good thing!). More than likely, you will have to apply at least twice a day - so make sure to toss it in your purse for a week. There is certainly not a one-size-fits-all when it comes to natural deodorant. It depends on how much you sweat, how active you are, and particular fragrance sensitivities you may have. However, it is completely worth it when you do find the right deodorant that works for you. Promise. It feels so freeing to know you’re not putting poison under your pits every day!

Here are a few tried and true natural deodorants I recommend to start with:

Arm & Hammer: Unscented Essentials Deodorant (approx. $3-$4)
*this includes baking soda and since I have sensitive skin, I did develop a slight rash but it was gone within a week. This one is definitely one of my favorites.

Native (approx. $12)  

Schmidt’s (approx. $4-$5)

Primally Pure (approx. $14-$16)

Arm & Hammer, Native, and Schmidt’s can be found at Target while Primally Pure can only be found online for now.

As always, my research is back by governmental, regulated websites only:



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