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V for Victory

V for Victory

Life is good. Then it can suck. Then it is good again. Then it sucks again.

For a time.

It’s good when you make your nieces smile, when your car isn’t making any questionable noises, and when you have a comfortable balance in your checking account.

It sucks when your mom’s best friend gets cancer, when your childhood cat passes away, and when you realize your older brother needs rehab.

It’s good when your friend gets pregnant with twins, when you book a flight for your anniversary trip, and when you come back from a day of shopping and laughter with your mom. 

It sucks when your cousin has a miscarriage, when you get in a fight with your in-laws, and when you see horrible things happen to good people. 

I believe we’re given these good times to hold onto while getting through the bad. To give us hope, to give us another tomorrow, to remind us that the sun will yet again rise. We each have a story, we each have a struggle, and we each have a victory. 
Delight yourself with the soft rustle of the leaves and the chatter of the birds while you water your grass. Enjoy seeing the neighbor kids ride happily by on their brand new bikes. Call your grandma. Text your dad. Make art, skip down the cereal aisle, add an extra succulent to your arrangement, buy your father-in-law some Perrier, delete your Instagram app for a week. Love the ones you're with. And don't forget to love yourself. 

You don’t know what tomorrow holds, neither do I. We can’t control it, we can’t fix it. What is going to happen, is going to happen. But we can decide how we handle it. So fix your crown when it's slipping and get ready for your next victory - regardless of its magnitude. 

U for Unity - Amanda and Joseph's Intimate Ceremony

U for Unity - Amanda and Joseph's Intimate Ceremony