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Ever wonder what those confusing ingredients in the back of your bottle of foundation or laundry detergent mean? Me too. And I’m writing it all down here to share with you.

2019: The Year for a Non-Toxic Lifestyle

2019: The Year for a Non-Toxic Lifestyle

We may think that a lot of us spend most of our time away from our homes (our jobs, school, etc.) but a majority of our 24 hours are spent at home - whether awake or sleeping. We may not be able to control the amount of air pollution we ingest everyday or even the invisible toxins that surround us when we’re out and about gathering our organic groceries #healthy. What we can control however are what toxins we allow to enter our humble abode. These in turn will affect our bodies, our hormones, our life. For better or for worse.

Ah, home. The place of rest and rejuvenation. The ultimate comfort zone that requires neither prestige nor pants. It is your safe haven - away from the bitter world and your co-workers. No matter where you are in life nothing beats the home feel does it?

I am on a journey and I’m taking you with me. You know you want to. You know you are curious about all this buzz in the air about organic, non-GMO, sulfate and paraben free labels. And why all of a sudden are so many companies issuing fragrance-free options? (hint: it’s not just for those with allergies or that sensitive Susan in the cubicle next to you). I’m finding this information out and I’m here to prove to you that all you need are good sources and good research skills.

I’m not going to get all scientific on you yet, but in further posts I will. Not only have I been researching this information and going beyond the veil (a.k.a. the SECOND page of Google search) but I’ve realized a multitude of ideas like WHY IS THIS NOT COMMON KNOWLEDGE? Why does the FDA not require cosmetics to be tested before putting them on the market (like drugs are)? Or that commercially produced forms of formaldehyde that is found in your infant’s shampoo is known for respiratory issues? Is this all a marketing myth or hidden truth?


Baby, it’s cold outside. So let’s spill some tea about these toxins.

Is cleaning up your beauty routine, skincare, and household products part of your 2019 goals? Read here to see what the first thing you can do to start the switch.




How To Begin a Non-Toxic New Year: Your Mindset

How To Begin a Non-Toxic New Year: Your Mindset