Hi, friend!

I am an Arizona photographer in the midst of chasing simplicity + sunlight.

Shall we chase it together?

Jennifer - South Mountain

Jennifer - South Mountain

The desert is my home. Regardless of my translucent outward appearance, the heat, the sun + the mountains are my friends. As harsh and unforgiving as our Arizona summers are, the desert landscape at the foot of the mountains is an unbeatable background for an evening portrait shoot.  These photos were taken at the foot of South Mountain in Phoenix.

This is Jenny. Let me tell you about this girl.

Picture it Sicily, 1922... 

Actually, it was just last year that we met in pre-marital counseling through church. We sat there with our soon-to-be-husbands gawking over our rings and filling the air with ideas we shared about our weddings that would be just 1 month apart. We were so giddy, chatty + in love with love. Jenny and I shared the same energy as two puppies. We would talk over one another, deciphering what the other was saying through the giggles while orbiting our fiancés as we talked about our latest wedding planning catastrophes. We were instant friends - like the just-add-water type. After our weddings, we still remained close + gossiped about our husbands don’t put clothes in the hamper + the amount of wine our fridge lacked. For real though, we bonded over much deeper topics like encouraging each other in our walk with the Lord + swapping interview tips for our next promotion.

So when I got her behind the camera, I was amazed at the fierceness she brought. Jenny is a beautiful soul inside + out (obviously) but I was truly impressed with how this girl just radiated confidence.