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W for Welcomed

W for Welcomed

Everything you have now, in this moment, is something you once hoped for. Something that once kept you up at night praying while the tears escaped from your eyes. Something that you yearned for and thought “if only I had this, I would be happy.” … and then it is finally yours. That object you saved for, that person you dreamed of, that health you needed, is in your possession. But we’ve already moved on from that blessing and are onto something new to wish for, to pray for, to want.

Children, for example. Some are prayed for and yearned for with every part of our being. Some are here to surprise us, to ground us, to change us. To teach us. Either way, they are welcomed. If not by you, Someone much higher than you. One who truly knows why they are here.

Children are a gift; a gentle reminder that purity and innocence still have a place in our wicked world.

Enjoy the stage they are in - whatever age your baby or adult baby is. If he’s 27 and no longer needs diapers but still needs your Thursday evening “everything will be alright” phone calls, welcome those moments. He won’t need to be rocked to sleep again but he’ll still need a mother’s comfort. You cannot guarantee your 17 year old daughter will make wise choices but you can always pray that she thinks before she acts. Rather than needing a pink blanket to match her crib, she needs your soft heart and sound mind when she is faced with a difficult decision as she nears graduation. Your middle-school aged son doesn’t require 3 am feedings anymore, he just needs to know you’ll be at his Saturday morning baseball game cheering him on. What about that little toddler niece of yours? You may miss her baby stage, it seemed like it was just yesterday, her onesies are still buried at the bottom of her dresser. But she is moving, she is learning, she is exploring. Welcome her questions, welcome her ideas, welcome that new little girl she is turning out to be.

And that precious newborn stage. Remember when you were brainstorming what he would be when he grew up? What those little hands would do. Or if your daughter would go to the same college where you and your husband met? What her little mind would be. Or the nights you wished with all your might for that now middle-school aged son of yours would fall asleep? What his personality would be.

How funny how we wish... For the next stage.

How funny how we wish to be taken back in time - just for a day.

If you have a newborn in your life - whether it be yours, a friend’s, a cousin’s… hold that little bundle tight. Take one day at a time. Don’t lose a moment wishing when you could have a moment living, listening, seeing. Memorize the shape of their bitty ears, how their bellies fill with air, how their mouth reflexes into that little smile as they fall asleep - post-milk.

How they need you today.

Oh, how they need you.

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