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Ideology for Fall

Ideology for Fall


Spiced candles and white pumpkins sitting in harmony on your mantle.

More outdoor adventures to snap, do, and camp.

My favorite mornings for a farmer’s market visit.

And of course, cooler weather.

Besides a lowered temperature and the perfect time to air out the tent, fall means many things to we Arizonians.

We are cheerful towards the sun as he becomes kinder to us. Air conditioning is not highly forced and you can go from the exit doors of the grocer to the driver’s side of your vehicle without the desperation to plunge in an ice bath.

Summer. What comes to mind when you hear that word?

Maybe it is sandy flip-flops, weekend beach trips, and sticky evening barbeques.

Maybe it is a season of drought – both emotionally and mentally and you cannot wait for the next, more fruitful season, fall.

Maybe it is somewhere in the middle – food is on the table, clothes on the back, but something doesn’t feel right – you can’t quite put your finger on it – you’re just hoping fall is clearer.

As humans, we are always looking to be happier. We are always seeking relief. Luckily, fall is our relief (weather wise).

We sit on our porches, sipping cider, as the weather cools and the crepuscular rays seep their magic through the cracks in the clouds.

We seek out the crisp air for a 20 minute chance to wear our new scarves.

We make a gratitude journal and jot down our thankfulness towards our grandmother’s hospital recovery, our paid off credit cards, our health, our freedom.

We take our nieces to pumpkin patches and frighten our brothers in corn mazes.

We make our list for holiday gatherings and suddenly everything is busy, busy, busy. Dinner parties, Christmas lists, and new credit card bills, oh my!

But wait. Don’t overlook those slow evenings of crepuscular rays and cider. Don’t skip over your gratitude journal in the quiet of your home. And please, don’t open up a new credit card for the holiday season. The next summer will thank you for it.

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