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The L Word (No, it's Not Love)

The L Word (No, it's Not Love)

Take a walk. Go outside. Even just for 5 minutes.

What I am telling you may sound cliché but I think it is cliché for a reason. My personal hypothesis is that everyone tells you to take a stroll in the fresh air in hopes that one out of the million bloggers out there can persuade/brainwash you enough for you to see that a walk during the day is V-I-T-A-L. Like a literal make or break your bad mood.
I know because I’ve tried it.
(And mostly because I was forced to).

My commute from work changed a bit and I have been blessed/forced to walk 20 minutes from the train to the location where I meet my husband. I am a yoga girl – not a marathon runner. So anything that involves walking longer than 10 minutes sans mountains or a latte at the end breeds an automatic groan and eye roll. I use to not be this way. (I blame my corporate cubicle and the fact that I previously lived where everything was in arm’s reach.). Mostly, I blame myself.  The first 2 days of this new walk after work equaled to blistered heels because I refused to wear anything but my new Lauren Conrad’s. I was so spoiled being catered to each and every destination of choice that this 20 minute walk was a new torture – and an inconvenience.

I wish I was both an octopus and a time traveler so I could go back to that moment and slap myself with all 8 hands at once.

What a brat I am, I thought. I have a family member that spends half of her time in a wheelchair because of a terminal illness yet here I am whining at the fact that I have to move my lazy butt. My grandmother lives in a nursing home and I bet she too wishes she could do such things. 

Luckily, 2 days was all it took for me to gain perspective and see this walk as not only exercise, a moment to breathe, or an opportunity to educate myself via podcasts or audiobooks…I saw who I became.
It was hard to admit but I became so lazy. (that is the L word, fyi)
Day in, day out, clocking in, sitting for 8-10 hours, and clocking out took up such a large portion of my day that I became adapted to just sitting. Sure, I would do my yoga but I never pushed myself toward a strenuous workout. Once I started sweating in my 10th downward dog I would stop. I would order take-out because I did not want to stand and cook a quick stir-fry. I wanted new episodes of Narcos and nachos – not Pilates and push-ups.
Both my attitude and waistline felt a difference. 

You may have thought this was long-winded and “Miranda why couldn’t you have just said you can’t fit in your pants anymore and learned your lesson?”.

I wanted to share that it does not have to be an outrageous doctor’s appointment or a surgery or a death in the family to wake you up and realize you need to start getting healthy.

All it takes is for you to step out and take a walk. Go outside. Even for 5 minutes.

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