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How to Use Your Day Job to Fuel Your Dream

How to Use Your Day Job to Fuel Your Dream

Are you a fellow desk dweller? The kind that rolls in to your 8 A.M. shift at 8:04 but has the “well at least I’m here” attitude? Yeah, I see you. You know how? Because I was one too.

If you are reading this, you also, are more than likely sitting in your cubicle in a corporate office, on your lunch break choking down your leftovers, or thinking, “When will I ever leave this job that is sucking the soul out of me?” This post will help you gain a new perspective on how you can use your day job to fuel your side hustle.

I was searching for purpose – for all of my wandering thoughts to have a home. I loved my corporate job because I had the stability, the growth, + the coworkers that turned into family. However, I had been feeling stuck as a creative. College days were over + I was contributing to the typical 40 hour work week that Corporate America was all about. On my lunch break, I would obsess over Instagram watching people live their dreams while I was trying to keep down my pre-made deli sandwich. My emails were piling up with to-do lists I did not write. I had pity parties on the daily that no one attended but me. I would come home, feel so uninspired + think, “This is what the rest of my life is going to look like? I AM GOING TO BE SITTING IN A DESK FOR 40 MORE YEARS?” *melts onto floor dramatically while husband looks on*

My evenings would consist of mindless snapchatting + Netflix binging. Then I would go to bed just to start that same ritual all over again. I was in such a rut that I wasn’t even practicing my daily yoga! I couldn’t understand this wall I hit - I was so happy. I was married to my best friend, I lived in a great city, I had a stable job, amazing friends + family, a strong faith…but what was missing? My passion.

Then one day, I was done feeling this way. It's like I magically snapped out of the confined woe-is-me-the pencil-pusher walls I put myself in. My job was not stopping me from doing what I loved. I was doing that to myself. My job was my stepping stone, my ammunition, my gateway to creating a life full of color, creativity + entrepreneurship. 

 I realized that I could use my day job to actually fuel + fulfill my dream!

Here are 3 ideas I use as I learn to go #FromCubicleToCameraBoss

1. Turn that frown upside down

If you go into work each day thinking how much you dread being there for 8 hours, that attitude will stick with you + be debilitating as you build your dream. Instead, think of your current job as funding your dream. With each pay check you receive, you are being able to pay your bills, put gas in your car, live + still work on that creative outlet as your side hustle. 

2. Every day moments are the opportunity to learn

Think of it this way:

·       Giving a presentation in front of your group can enable you to be more comfortable in front of people (especially if you will be interacting with them face-to-face)

·       Dealing with a difficult customer or co-worker can give you practice on how to handle your own customers one day

3. Discipline

Whatever your creative hustle will be, there will be an actual business side to it. Guaranteed. When you do decide (or are continuing) to run your own business, you are going to have to put countless hours into the part of your business that maybe isn’t all that fun to you - like setting up the legal structure of your business, organizing your expenses +  preparing taxes. However, these are some of the most important aspects of your business. They are the primer to your foundation, the mac to your cheese + the Netflix to your chill.

Use your current job’s mundane, yet necessary, tasks to strengthen your discipline + produce a positive pattern that you can then emulate into your business. If you can get through the day-to-day responsibilities without procrastinating at a job you are indifferent about, imagine how much strength + focus you can project onto something you actually love + make time for! ♥

I hope you can implement these tips while you navigate through your day job!

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