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Soul Food for the Weary Blog Reader

Soul Food for the Weary Blog Reader

I get you. I see you. The one reading this wondering if I will show off a sundress that is "on sale at Nordstrom for under $100!". How many times have you heard that from one blog that looks like the next blog? You will not get that here, for a couple reasons: 

1. I will never buy a translucent sundress that is over $20.

2. I am a photographer, not necessarily a fashion blogger (however, if I find a killer pair of jeans under $30, you bet I'm sharing that win!)

I have found myself in photography. My true, most sincere + raw form of myself.

Being real + unapologetic-for-being-yourself = a satisfying, limitless feeling

History Lesson: For years I would follow beauty + fashion blogs that would be sponsors of items I could not afford + would promote a lifestyle I could only dream about. You know the kind, where they promote uber organic facial wash that was 7 times the price of your Cetaphil + just happened to "pick up" these $99 ("on sale!") wedges. I desired to be them. I wanted to be that person that would be able to use the hashtag ad (#ad) on big brands like Nordstrom. (Yes, I would practice my debonaire looks off into the distance while I daintily tousled my flat ironed curls in the bathroom mirror - pretending someone was taking a photo of me + my free Michael Kors bag). As much as I loved these bloggers' content, I could not seem to connect to them. Not as people. I felt as if they were on a whole other level, unreachable, unobtainable. Then, one day, it was like I was smacked in the face by my mother herself - this was not me. They were not me. I was not them. 

I have come to realize I cannot fake a posed photo with an outfit that is as much as my rent. I cannot pretend that my favorite brand is Chanel when I prefer Mossimo t-shirts + Maybelline from Target. I do not live in a high rise in Scottsdale with a Yorkie-Poo because I’m building a house in suburbia + my husband does not like tiny dogs. I want to be tangible. I strive to be that person that when you read my posts, that they are more like a journal entry, rather than a broadcast of a picture-perfect life.

I do not photograph my every move because it is okay to have a private life separate from social media. You can emit an emotion without telling the full story. 
I do not want to be a total telecaster of my life, I just want to live it. I am happy to share tid bits of my life, but I do not want to carry my phone around with me every minute of every day. Not every cappuccino has to be instagrammed. I repeat: not every cappuccino has... okay, you get it. 

I believe in slow living + that time is an undervalued currency. Put away the phone. Eat at the kitchen table. Look at someone in the eyes. 

Now, with all of that being said, being a photographer, I strive for my images to be aesthetically appealing. However, I want them to be REAL. I want to evoke RAW emotion in my photos. 
I’m not saying I’m going to post photos of my sinkful of dirty dishes or have my clients show up to a shoot right after doing yard work (because styling + positioning is important in photography). I’m saying this for the human subject. The real focus in the photo. In my opinion, candids are so much more admired than any posed photo you can conure up. 


In this photo I see a girl who is madly in love +  joyously entranced with her partner.  Oh the  feels.

In this photo I see a girl who is madly in love +  joyously entranced with her partner.

Oh the  feels.

Don't try fitting the internet mold in your real life - make your real life bust open the internet mold. I’m giving myself permission to feel worthy, empowered, + authentic. I am staying in my lane + chasing my dream. If you haven’t given yourself that kind of permission, then you have mine!


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