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Drywall Dreamin'

Drywall Dreamin'

The drywall is up and so are my spirits.

Each step of the home building process has been a dream. A sweaty one (since a majority of it has been built in the Arizona summer) but nonetheless, a lovely dream. Of course this dream has not been without its own series of “what in the h-" or “nah, we’ll be fine” dialogue.

It is something about seeing walls up and no more framework. The skeleton is covered and what it now reveals is a blank slate.  A canvas.

What will these walls say in 20 years? What secrets will they hold? I pray they hold good ones. I hope they don’t count too many tears or hear too many lies. I hope these walls see nothing but love. Then I stop and think. I don’t wish this for just our home. Our home is not the only one being built in this neighborhood. Our home is not the only one being built in this town, state, country, world.

So, I wish the same for your home...

I wish for your home to be filled with the sounds of your daughter’s violin lessons and your cat’s meows.

I wish for your home to be a resting place inside when the world is too loud outside.

I wish for your home to be manly enough to carry your husband’s annual Super Bowl party and soft enough to house the baby’s bassinet.

I wish for your doorstep to be strong enough to hold the burdens you drop off before you enter the foyer.

I wish for your hallways to be filled with pictures of loved ones and answered prayers.

I wish for your floors to support late night dance parties yet be clean enough to impress your mother-in-law.

I wish your kitchen to be full of not only food but also lessons. Most of life’s lessons stem from the kitchen table.

I wish your home joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, and self-control.


But most of all, I wish your home love.



Call Your Mom

Call Your Mom