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3 Quick Tips in Cultivating Minimalism Today

3 Quick Tips in Cultivating Minimalism Today

Collect moments, not things. Or was it cherish moments, not things? Either way, a similar quote with a similar meaning wove its way onto my childhood bedroom in the form of a sticky wall decal. I would come home after school, see it – smile, and think how my mom loves to pop a line of inspiration anywhere she can.
Collecting moments, not things was something I just recently completely and wholly understood.

Once an overlooked sentence, now my lifestyle. 

The word “minimalism” has its own stereotype – white aesthetic, clean lines, 1 pair of shoes per individual, and only having X number of items. (That is not even the case, my friends).
It is simply… living simply. Live within your means. Keep what you use, hold dear to what you love, omit the items that do neither.  

The world preaches more. Credit cards are maxed. Today’s trend is tomorrow’s trash. Landfills are spilling into places they should never be. That girl down the street has new boots while you have last year’s and why don’t you go get yourself another pair because Macy’s said so? And on every corner, a storage facility, in case a 3,500 square foot home with a 4-car garage is not large enough for a family of 3.
While all this is happening…emotions are in disarray. Hearts soured, minds spinning. So much noise.

One day, it was just too much. The distractions, the keeping-up-with-the-Joneses, the noise.
I couldn’t take the noise anymore.
But I could quiet it.
Within the month my closets were cleaned, my cabinet clutter was freed, my pile of extras were donated, my inbox was cleared…along with my conscious. I felt light – as if I was able to breathe, focus, redirect my purpose, start anew, perhaps. My stress has lowered, my debit card is quite comfortable in my wallet (rather than my hand), and I see my time as valued – not flashing before my very eyes.

Here are 3 tips to start minimalizing the noise around you:

1.     Stop adding

If you must, use the 1 in, 1 out rule - each time a new item comes in, a similar item must depart.

2.     Start with a small, unemotional section to declutter

The bathroom cabinet or under the kitchen sink, perhaps (do you really need 4 pairs of tweezers? And why are there missing Tupperware lids by the dishwashing soap?).

3.     Clear Surfaces in Kitchen

If there is last week’s mail lounging on the counter, either shred it, recycle it, or pay it.

Many of us may forget that we control the noise around us. Do not allow the noise to control you. 

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