Oh hi, I’m Miranda!

Photographer. Wordsmith. Clean living enthusiast. Yogi. Cool wife. Cat mom.

XYZ...for everything else!

XYZ...for everything else!

I remember starting this ABC series as a way to keep myself motivated to write each week and share what I’ve learned, what I’ve been shown, and how I have grown by having a new outlook on life by slowing down.

Then a creative drought happens. Life happens.

The next thing you know, you’re squishing the last 3 letters of the alphabet into 1 post for the end of 2018 because you should have been done with this earlier in the spring.

Yet, I think it is fitting. XYZ for everything else.

I wrote various posts from buying our first house, enjoying life in the brief season you are in, the wonderment and positivity of being a multi-passionate individual, how to cultivate minimalism, and breaking my silence on the ever-controversial teen suicide affecting our world today.

When I’m not enjoying married life (aka eternal sleepovers with my best friend), a full-time job, school (yes, only 6 classes until I complete my Bachelor’s), and learning new tricks in photography – I will be writing it all down here.

My newest obsession? Non-toxic everything.

I’m talking makeup, skincare, cleaning products, and REAL FOOD.

That’s right, I’m getting real granola on everyone.

When we were on our 6 hour flight to Hawaii this winter, I began reading Body Love by Kelly Leveque.
If you haven’t heard of her, I will forgive you for now, but head on over to her website to see what I’m talking about. She helps you understand the science of food and how it affects your body without being too sciencey. It’s like the best non textbook you could ever read.

Healthy living has always been important to me but yet has not been exactly a priority. Well, things definitely change when you wake up, realize you’re 26, and what you’re doing to your body now can affect you years down the road! Especially when I am wanting children one day.
(Also, my 60 year old father can run laps around me and my younger brother is a personal trainer - that should be motivation within itself.)

It intrigued me so much that I began thinking, “if this is what happens when you put things IN your body that shouldn’t be there, what about the products we are putting ON our bodies?” Especially since almost everything is absorbed through our skin – our largest organ. Eeep!

So I began to download various podcasts discussing clean living, non-toxic cleaning products, and how these toxins found in your toilet bowl cleaner, your foundation, the plastic microbeads in your toothpaste, processed sugars, etc. WREAK HAVOC on our poor bodies. Partner that with the everyday stressors, an overabundance of alcohol, hormonal contraceptives and you have got yourself an imbalanced cocktail your body cannot process correctly.

I have decided. I will continue being an employee of Corporate America by day while honing the title of a non-toxic living enthusiast by night. And will share it all with you. Let me do the research. You just sit back, make a mental note, and maybe even check yourself before you buy that pore-clogging, talc-infused foundation.

This is important stuff. Even if only my mom reads it. Oh, and my grandma. ♡

V for Victory

V for Victory